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You have been named by an applicant to the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Awards as someone knowledgeable about and prepared to give an appraisal of his or her work. Please complete this form by midnight February 23, 2020 to ensure their application is considered

Your appraisal of this applicant will remain confidential and shared with adjudicators and program staff only.

The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards Foundation established the Emerging Artist awards to support and encourage Alberta’s most promising artists at an early stage of their careers. The awards are not project grants, but designed to support the unique development needs of emerging artists whether it be supplies, further study or experiences, funding to travel for auditions, study or work, or even income replacement for non-arts related employment. Each applicant determines the investment need that would most advance his or her career.
Who is an emerging artist?
Emerging Artists are defined as those, of any age, who have mastered the basic techniques of their art form through education or apprenticeship and are in the early years of launching a professional career. Emerging artists have created and publicly presented a modest body of independent work and are ready for the next steps in their artistic development.    
Please include confirmation of the following requirements in your CV which you will upload under Supporting Documents.
* You must be either a Canadian citizen, or a landed immigrant of two or more years in order to apply for the Emerging Artist Award.
*  You must demonstrate your connection to Alberta through:

  • Having lived and practiced your art in Alberta for two years or more.
  • And/or, having spent the formative years of your artistic career in Alberta if you have since moved out of the province.

Identify two experts in a position to provide a candid assessment of your accomplishments and artistic potential. Appraisers may not be related to you by birth or marriage and cannot be employed by you.
You must contact your appraisers and provide them with this link with which to submit their appraisals in confidence online. Appraisals must be received by midnight, February 23, 2020. If both appraisals are not received by the deadline your application will NOT be considered by the jury. Please follow up with your appraisers a minimum of one week prior to the deadline to confirm their appraisals will be submitted.
Application Check list:
A.  Applicant Full Name
B.  Applicant Email
C.  Appraiser Names and Emails (for two appraisers)
D.  About you as an artist.
a.  Briefly describe
·  your artistic discipline;
·  where you are in your artistic development;
·  short and long term artistic goals;
·  what this award would mean to you and your career.
E.   Supporting Documents (upload):
CV or resume (maximum three pages). This MUST include:

  • Summary of your body of work to date;
  • Any recognitions for your artistic work;
  • Outline of training/specialized training;
  • Your confirmation that you are either a Canadian citizen, or a landed immigrant of two or more years;
  • Your confirmation that you have lived (and practiced your art) in Alberta for two years or more; and/or, you have spent the formative years of your artistic career in Alberta if you have since moved out of the province.

 o  OPTIONAL and as relevant:

  • Writing samples not more than 20 pages, single-sided, double-spaced.
  • Up to 10 visual images.
  • Audio or video files with a combined viewing time of no more than five minutes.

2. Contact your two appraisers and provide them the link to submit appraisal.
3. Follow up with your two appraisers by February 14, 2020 to ensure they have/will submit appraisal by midnight February 23, 2020. Note: Applications that do not have two appraisals by the deadline will not be considered.
The information on this application is collected under the authority of Section 33(c) of the FOIP Act and will be used to determine eligibility for an Emerging Artist Award and for administering the program. The aggregate data may be used for program planning and evaluation.
Deadline for complete applications, including appraisals, is midnight, February 23, 2020.

Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards